CMC - Metal Roof Systems

Custom Metal Contracting has developed metal roof systems available in a wide range of materials, finishes and designs meeting the most intricate architectural requirements in the metal roofing market today.



Colour availability, fast track installation along with an unquestionable proven record of performance have made the CMC Standing Seam Roof a first choice for commercial owners and designers. The CMC Standing Seam Roof System is regularly used where low maintenance and long term performance are required. Our systems are available curved or straight slope in a variety of pan widths.


Design Flexibility

From a residence roof to a major architectural feature, CMC Roof Systems will provide freedom of design to the most demanding designers. Utilizing Steel, Aluminum, Copper or Rheinzink, in a standard rib or batten profile and choosing from 305 mm to 610mm widths, the result will be a roof that combines Value, Performance and Beauty.